Milan Fashion Week Between Futuristic and Bohemian Style by Wilma Carnevale

Milan Fashion Week  Between Futuristic and Bohemian Style

Are you ready to discover the best fashion looks from the top collections at Milan Fashion Week?

Trend forecasters are able to predict further into fashion’s future than ever before. In this thought-provoking visual story here you will find which trends will surprise everyone. Are we ready for the the Upcoming Milan Fashion Week?

Fabrics will be normal, and proportions are more exaggerated.  There are lots of active elements, which works well for the young contemporary market.

“Psychotropical” is an emerging trend for 2017-2018 that is a subset of the psychedelic movement, with vibrant palettes, vivid tropical patterns and prints rendered by digital engineering. Never thought you’d see a unespected shapes and colors for the Fashion Week? Let’s wait, but for sure the “diversity” concept will be the protagonist.

Furthermore Futuristic fashion for 2017 and 2018 is being described by trend analysts as “post-human”, which is inspired by artificial intelligence and illustrated by tech-driven design.

We are ready to see the last trends from Gucci, Prada and Bottega Veneta, to the  bohemian looks at Roberto CavalliPhilosophy di Lorenzo Serafini and Alberta Ferretti and Versace.

The “surf gypsy” trend, a subset of bohemianism, is inspired by global travels to beach destinations. Resort and sportswear brands find themselves intertwined in this trend, with Emilio PucciMarques Almeida, and Missoni.


One thing we really love is that Milan has served as the starting point for countless movements within fashion. And what about the colors?

Base colors are pea green, olive, navy, blue ash, khaki, and sharkskin grey.

Can’t wait to see the best runway looks form Milan Fashion Week 2017!

Dottoressa Wilma Carnevale 
Visagista Specializzata In Dermopigmentazione Del Viso 
Master Make Up Artist Accademia Del Cinema e Make Up Forever






Milan Fashion Week Between Futuristic and Bohemian Style by Wilma Carnevale


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