Make-Up Spring/Summer 2017: The Latest Trends
Free color, healthy skin, full of light and hydration. The “selfie” era begins: the upcoming season makeup is designed to express yourself.

Soft colors, nude looks and pastel nuances for spring? The next season does not look at the impact innovations of make up, but revamp of the great classics mixing them with the latest trends of recent times.

Antonio Berardi combines, for example, a polished lip from a 90’s style gloss to a very bright, typically 2000’s face base. Les Copains resumes a glowing “Jennifer Lopez” look in conjunction with a metallic effect eye makeup, must of the season, and also used by Pascal Millet for his models on the lips.


Why not try out some new hues? Lately, makeup artists on Instagram are making a pretty convincing argument for a certain one in particular: yellow. Yes, you read that correctly. We’re seriously suggesting you try out yellow blush. It won’t make you look like you have a case of jaundice. Trust. Instead, it’s an unexpected way to play with spring makeup trends.

Author: Maria Zota

Make-Up Spring/Summer 2017: The Latest Trends by Maria Zota

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