Ljuba Rizzoli: a Life Full of Love, Luxury and Fashion

Ljuba Rosa Rizzoli, one of the most beautiful and loved women of our time.

Ljuba Rosa was born in 1932, she spent a quarter of a century living with Rizzoli Family (beginning with Andrea who disappeared in 1983): he was a fascinating protagonist of a life made of extreme luxury : great joys and big pains .

The only man Ljuba was not afraid of in her life, was her husband, Andrea Rizzoli, who actually was the last man after a long list of impossible or already married men.

Her upcoming book “Io Brillo” talks the amazing stories of Ljuba Rizzoli life, it speaks about the great love that links Mama Ljuba to her beloved daughter Isabella, who is still present in her , in every moment of her life and this book is surely an act of love more than a thousand others already done for her.

Not only love, but also Fashion is a fundamental part of Ljuba Life.

Fashion is synonymous of glamor, style, luxury and it is also synonymous of some unique dresses for one small special group of people. Who better than Ljuba Rizzoli could make me dream about the fashion international jet set?

Rizzoli life is an active life, made of gossip, private parties, but first of all made of Fashion, thanks to her unique clothes and jewels!

I met her in Hotel De Paris in Monte Carlo, she was beautiful and radiant, and she really fascinates me with her interesting tales.

The 60s were those years of the mini skirt, and she remembers her first mini skirt very well: “It was Dior! made of shining leather ! during that period, me and the other jet set people, were the real fashion influencer : great designers like Valentino and Dior sent us videotape with their fashion shows and I, at home, with my husband, choose the outfits according to the next events.

Rizzoli is the one who wore the high fashion outfits of the most important ateliers, and she said :” My favorite colors were the white, the blue marine and Valentino’s red. I enjoyed many designers  like  Balmain, Dior and Grimaldi. But my favourite dress that touched my heart was by Jole Veneziani, and I wore it in  Scala theatre, Milan .

Ljuba Rizzoli brings with her hundreds of pictures that immortalize night events , but also private life moments with true friends like Onassis ,Alain Delon , Gianni Agnelli , il Principe Ranieri Di Monaco , Grace Kelly ,Omar Sharif,Salvador Dali,Alberto Sordi, Jaclin Kennedy

Observing those pictures I had a wide view of those times: Haute Couture opened new horizons to a free and independent woman discovering body parts first hidden with mini dress and bikini.

Ljuba Rizzoli with her disarming beauty was very pure, elegant and sublime in every single moment of her life

“Once , I was in Balmain Fashion House and I met the Duchess of Windsor, she saw me try a tubin and she told me to enrich my figure with a necklace of beads  or with a white scarf to illuminate my face.

This is the style advice I followed from that day and I that I want to give to every women today. ”

Ljuba Rizzoli never showed up without one of her “brilliants”,  with this word she defined her diamonds or jewels  unique in the world, in fact she also possesses a 55K white blue color dimond.

But these and other adventurous stories can be found in her new book, out in these days with Cairo publisher, where Ljuba Rizzoli is telling several interesting stories, from romantic “flirts” to secret gossip of her international jet set,  in the most crazy luxury atmosphere.

Ljuba Rizzoli: a Life Full of Love, Luxury and Fashion


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