Light Blue sky over the future of Emporio Armani: water, air, light

This morning I went to see the Armani catwalk. I was very surprised by the position of the high catwalk. What an amazing choice.

At first it seems wrapped in one of those clouds that seem undecided between the soft pink of dawn and the milky gray of a summer metropolitan afternoon .

On these premises, Giorgio Armani presented in Milan, in its spaces in via Bergognone, the Emporio spring-summer collection, one of the most awaited events of this Milan Fashion Week.

Looking at this show I really understood the desire for lightness and a return to a dimension of normality, in which we “live well” and feel – finally – also “differently beautiful”.

The Armani woman is covered in water in all shades: from the light blue of the mountain sources to the pale green of the rivers, passing through the intense bluette of certain points in the sea.

But let’s talk about the materials: In front of the trouser suits with the pinstriped micro-crystals or metal threads, for a moment you think that the most famous designer in the world wanted to dress women with light.
I was really entranced by the evening dresses in translucent silk decorated with cascades of transparent plexiglass pads and again we go back to thinking about the air.

But which is the true idea behind this concept?

Giorgio Armani confirms that the game between the crumpled effect of fabrics and the well-kept image of the garments is something that smells of modernity. “I wanted to play with what fashion makes available to today men and women: diversity”.

Therefore  “otherwise beautiful” means unusual, not banal but always adherent to reality: the best compliment in the world.

My impression is that this unique fashion show was dedicated to the air and to a life more in harmony with the Planet, it is the result of a balance of soft colors and crumpled, lightened surfaces.

The wonderful conclusion is that Giorgio Armani for the Spring / Summer 2020 Emporio collection has dressed women in the air, the elusive element that keeps us alive.

Author: Maria Zota 


Ph. © Nick Zonna 


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Light Blue sky over the future of Emporio Armani: water, air, light by Maria Zota & Nick Zonna

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