Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation Night – St. Tropez 2016 by Audrey Tritto


St-Tropez 2016 – Still a touch of lipstick and I’m back to St Tropez for the DiCaprio Foundation Night.

Few months have passed since the incredible Amfar 23 Cinema Against Aids evening by Eden Roc during Cannes Film Festival,  and I found several celebrities once again united, in a “charity” night for a new beneficial global project.

I take part to Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation Event for the second time and the vivid memory of the first time joins the enthusiasm to relive this moment where  Luxury, Glamour, art and beauty become means of defence for nature.

“Beauty”, the amazing element of our planet, return in this memorable evening between celebrities faces, clothes, looks and smiles.  These Stars came together during the Red Carpet welcome cocktail, under a wonderful sunset surrounded by beautiful vineyards, around St Tropez.

Some of the characters who have turned the moment into an unforgettable event were:

Mariah Carey, Bradley Cooper, Naomi Campbell, Bono Vox  ( an incredible icon!), Tobey Maguire, Edward Norton (the most handsome of the evening), Jonah Hill, Tobey Maguire, Adrien Brody, Lana Del Ray ( who delighted the evening with her amazing voice) Chris Rock and the Prince Albert of Monaco which was awarded with its Foundation.

When I arrived, the sunset was still bright, the”yellow gold” light, the flowing champagne and  wonderful faces were amazing. The reflections of evening dresses and elusive sparkling jewelry,  have turned the artworks in unforgettable images.

blank Have you ever admired an artwork , and then realize that Bono VOX is looking at the same thing?

It was an honor to admire the artworks in all their beauty before the auction sale, and it was also a special  occasion for intesting, casual and surprising meetings.

Have you ever had the opportunity to discuss the beauty of the Electric Fiat 500 while Arnold Schwarzenegger, close to you, is looking the Italian Independent Car camouflage ?

I could recount many similar anecdotes, in fact,  in these circumstances, is easy to find very important people and be able to observe them in a positive and relaxed atmosphere, as when you observe the great primates in their natural  “habitat”. But it is equally true that the critical amount of images that will spill on you in such a short time, is so strong that one evening may suffice for a couple of months of contemplation.

All the space, from the outside  to in the inside, has become an incredible modern art exhibition, where all the guests looked at  dozens of artworks and then entered into the “Dinner” Space,  where you could find the memorable Jeff Koons.

The event format is the same as Amfar, where characters and interpreters are always related to Cinema and  Entertainment.

The auctioneer Simon de Pury collected the highest price , the “new record”  $ 45 million. The evening was celebrated until 2 am with moments of fun, reflection, and music performances by Andrea Bocelli and Lana Del Ray, in a successful cocktail and dinner.


Obviously, the evening continued with an incredible after party toward the sunrise to be transformed into a sweet memory of which, only now that time has left the “moment” more distant, I fully perceive all its “great beauty.”

I think it should be recognized a great merit to DiCaprio and to his commitment  for the Planet defense . His  good sensitivity to contemporary art made him an high-level  art collector , and he has another exclusive merit:

artworks by Pablo Picasso, Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst of,  Marc Quinn, James Turrell, and Urs Fischer, are put at the service of nature : this is the greatest merit because his popularity wants to help the planet.


It would be wonderful not to need this, but I would like to thank this incredible guy that has now grown and increasingly it appears as the modern Robin Hood.

What a  beautiful and amazing story !!!

Author: Audrey Tritto
  Audrey Tritto

Leonardo Di Caprio Foundation Night – St. Tropez 2016 by Audrey Tritto


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