LA, The Market Find out the Amazing Melrose Trading Post! by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

LA, The Market

Find out the amazing Melrose Trading Post!

Los Angeles is the most important California city and the second largest city in the US. Every day arrive tourists from all over the world.

The desert climate create a very pleasant temperature almost throughout the year and the diversity of the population makes LA one of the most multiethnic cities in the world.

As Interior Designer I always like to find new places. So this month I was for the first time in a beautiful Sunday market called MELROSE TRADING POST located in Melrose and Fairfax 7850, open from 9 am to 5 pm.

Here you can buy interesting cloth of vintage fashion including antiques, accessories, jewelery, there are also several kind of organic food and a wide variety of live music

Personally I was  really positive impressed by some of these creative people who are part of this world and so I recommend to keep visit this amazing environment.

Tapestry Stuart:

As a child I have always loved tapestry. Here you can really find a great variety of sizes, different types of fabrics and colors. If you go to visit Stuart , the owner, he is an adorable person. Instagram: @tapestryguru

Christopher Reitmair:

The creation of Christofer really impressed me thanks to his metal recycling art. Mix small pieces of metal with other accessory chest of drawers can be: crucibles, pearls, stones and any other kind of material. The results are small accessories, fabulous and unique decorations. Instagram: @somniative

LU’UM shop:

Ivonne & Emma are Mexican-born Sisters. Their passion led them to draw beautiful hand-made leather shoes and accessories for Mexican craftsmen, preserving the tradition of their country of origin. Instagram:

Sherri Kagan:

Sherry’s a lovely soul in the market. She has a great taste and style. You can find any kind of vintage luxury jerwerly and hats in her store. Instagram: @SherriKagan

Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni – Interior Designer and Model
Based in LA | Born in Venezuela CEO of SDL Design interior Design – AC Talent Agency
Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni


LA, The Market Find out the Amazing Melrose Trading Post! by Sarah Duque Lovisoni


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