Koralline is the perfect fashion brand that offers incredible women’s clothes from casual style to elegant daily-evening outfits.

It proposes Jackets, denim and fashion dresses that you can wear for special occasions!

What a stunning atmosphere: an apartment and a sofa illuminated by the day light are the background of the new Koralline Autumn-Winter campaign 2016-2017.

The protagonist is a young woman with her partner, they both express sensuality and spontaneity.

Lights play and winking looks bring out the protagonist passion, who is conscious of her femininity: she plays through her  Koralline  clothes to be a contemporary femme fatale.

Jumpsuits, silk dresses with printings and minidresses from the ’70s, become indispensable actors of this wonderful story: Koralline unique selling proposition is what makes that brand stand out and gives customers a reason to buy unique clothes.

The campaign, taken by photographer Leonardo Bigagli, will be published in the major Italian magazines in September, while the collection will be available from September 1st at the following link: http://shop.koralline.it/

Do not miss Koralline’s sensual women in the Autumn-Winter campaign 2016-2017!

Author: Vanessa Barrui

“Koralline’s Sensual Woman” 
New Autumn-Winter Campaign 2016-2017 by Vanessa Barrui

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