Jamal Taslaq – The High Fashion Designer with his Delicacy and Elegance by Maria Zota

Jamal Taslaq

The High Fashion Designer with his Delicacy and Elegance

Meets the refined taste of the sophisticated women from all over the world

I had the opportunity to interview the high fashion designer  Jamal Taslaq, to ask him some questions, to understand his vision, not only about fashion world, but also abot the women role, in Arab culture. 

It was really interesting to understand how fashion is perceived differently in the Arab world, how female competition is still present and it ia reflected in the choice of clothes and how the role of the family is fundamental.

Talking with Jamal, took me to unknown spaces, with his grace, his delicacy and his elegance he clearly explained the approach of his fashion concept to the Arab culture. 

I can say that Jamal is a very refined and elegant, with a consistent experience behind him.  His gentle manner is reflected in his creations, always feminine and romantic but never vulgar. 

What I really appreciate about his style is that materials and cuts are always original thanks to the stylist’s extravagance.

His creations meet the refined taste of the sophisticated women from all over the world, thrilling Hollywood stars as well as Queen Ranya of Jordan, thanks to the originality and uniqueness of his works from which shines through the fusion of the two cultures in an extraordinary and uncommon style.

With his Italian staff of tailors, modelers and embroiderers of decades of experiance, he can give birth to timeless clothes for special occasions.

Jamal Taslaq has a great passion for his work that often leads him to visit his clients worldwide to control the perfection of his creations.

His philosophy is to make each woman unique, refined, elegant and feminine in a different fashion way that is not the trend of the moment.

In the atelier of Rome, Via Ludovisi 36, Taslaq will welcome you and make your dream real, realizing a unique model that exalts your femininity and grace.

Here begins my interview:

“What can you tell me about your experience in Dubai and in the Persian Gulf?”

Yes, I go often there, I have several clients in Dubai, in the Middle East, as far as Saudi Arabia.  It’s a different world, it’s a world that revolves around women.  Just think that the real Harem still exists.

“Can you make and example of your approach to your woman clients?”

For example, when I make an appointment with my clients and enter their homes, I find only women.  Believe me, it is a truly original sensation that I lived many years ago, but today it is the same.

 When women choose clothes they are very prepared, they want a very studied fabric.

“Are your clients demanding?”

Today with the use of the internet, no information can escape, and my women clients are demanding  High Fashion dresses. 

These women immensely love fashion and personalized clothes. 

“What happens in the Persian weddings ?”

In all the weddings of the Persian world, so far, women and men are in separate areas. 

It is very different from the Middle East or North Africa, because the Arab world is enormous while Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Egypt are still different worlds and cultures.


“Which is the Fashion Need of the Persian World ?”

Persian World, from Saudi Arabia to Qatar, Oman and United Arab Emirates, responds to a particular fashion need; when a woman dresses, she wants to make the other woman envious, the concept is very different: transparencies and necklines
in abundance.

“What about the mother role and family role ?”

At the end, during these marriages, they all hope to find the right mother-in-law. 

The role of the mother is still fundamental to help the man find the right woman.

Family is essential, parents’ advice is very important . 

There is a lot of respect towards parents, because they have the experience and they are able to look beyond.

“Since you also wore Patty Pravo, Sharon Stone, Ornella Muti and other great women of the show, in your opinion what is the difference between a queen and a star ?”

“A queen is aware of her role and she knows precisely the limits of elegance and sobriety that must be respected; a big star has no limits, the important thing is that we talk about her. The queen does not need people to talk about her “.

If you are curious to know more about Jamal Talaq life, read his biography in the following lines..

Jamal was born in 1970 in Nablus where the osmosis and the cohabitation of cultures and religions are part of the local tradition.

When he was just 10 years old, he discovers the world of high fashion visiting an atelier close to his childhood home together with his mother, where he is enraptured by the magic of creation while observing simple tissues become wedding dresses and regalia which give grace to the female body.

When he was 19 years old, he decides to follow his passion and chooses Italy  and for 10 years he studies and gains experience by personally learning the techniques of haute couture and by absorbing the style and the Renaissance and Baroque culture of Florence and Rome.


Finally, in July 1999 he opens his personal atelier in Via Veneto in the heart of Fellini Dolce Vita, while in 2000 he starts his adventure in the world of high fashion on the catwalks of AltaRoma together with the most acclaimed designers of the moment like Raffaella Curiel, Fausto Sarli, Elie Saab, Furstenberg, Renato Balestra and Zuhair Murad.

Another intersting thing is that Jamal Taslaq creations can be ordered all over the world by email at [email protected] or calling +39.06.42014116. Put your measurements into the modue and the designer will create a perfect and exclusive dress for you.

Author: Maria Zota 



Jamal Taslaq – The High Fashion Designer with his Delicacy and Elegance by Maria Zota


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