Jamal Taslaq Couture – New Fashion Collection 2016 by Maria Elena Fabi

The incredible Jamal Taslaq 2016 fashion collection finds inspiration from two cultures he loves: the kaleidoscopic reflections of light of the placid Mediterranean Sea and the mural painting decorations of Italian Renaissance.

Taslaq creations meet the
refined taste of the sophisticated women, thrilling Hollywood stars as well as Queen Ranya of Jordan, thanks to the
originality and uniqueness of his works from which shines through the fusion of uncommon style  and two extraordinary cultures. I think it is interesting to describe Taslaq life and experience to understand his wonderful style.

Jamal Taslaq was born in 1970 in Nablus, in July 1999 he opens his personal atelier in Via Veneto in the heart of Fellini Dolce Vita, while in 2000 he starts his adventure in the world of high fashion on the catwalks of AltaRoma together with the most acclaimed designers of the moment like Raffaella Curiel, Fausto Sarli, Elie Saab, Furstenberg, Renato Balestra and Zuhair Murad, becoming an high fashion designer.

Taslaq’s style is able to harmonize the atmosphere, the
colours, the emotions of his land of origin with the modernity, the
elegance and the sophisticated taste of the Made in Italy tradition.
In Taslaq fashion collection 2016 the ornaments of the clothes recall the frescoes’ naturalistic forms in the flowers, the leaves, the corals as well as in the stylized waves of the sea.

This collection is very unusual and monochromatic, discreetly ornamented in the details by a spectrum of colors which most emphasize the brilliance of white even by counteracting in the combination of fabrics.

Very interesting is the color choice: the white, symbol of purity, is declined in all of its shades until it becomes pink topaz and is interpreted by Taslaq with extreme elegance as a color suitable for every season and occasion.

What about the materials? The selected fabrics are the ones most beloved by the fashion designer, from the crepe cady to the crepe marocain with bias cut, in order to exalt without seams the curves of female body in the slipped models. Instead the lightness of the chiffon gives to Haute Couture dresses evanescence.

The new collection offers exclusive models that, in their refinement class and elegance, do not neglect the boldest femininity by uncovering the body with long slits and winking transparencies and necklines. Jamal Taslaq is also famous for his wedding dresses, very uncommon thanks to his seductive originality and to a romantic taste of

And what about the evening dresses? Their absolute elegance exalts the
femininity with sinuous lines embellished by embroideries, lace and
leather inlays entirely hand made based on original design.

Taslaq service is very exclusive: the designer prefers to meet his customers personally to absorb and fully understand the peculiar characteristics of their personality, in order to design an unique model which exalts their character.

Author: Maria Elena Fabi

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  Maria Elena Fabi

Jamal Taslaq Couture – New Fashion Collection 2016 by Maria Elena Fabi


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