JAKED Launches New E-commerce Site by Cristina Fiorentino


Jaked Launches New E-commerce Site

Jaked was born in Italy in 2008. Since its inception accompanies top athletes and swimming fans with a technical high performance swimwear and clothing.

Jaked reaches the highest quality product standards, thanks to the relentless investment in research and development of new materials and manufacturing techniques and control the entire production chain. But to achieve excellence must constantly put to the test. thanks to the collaboration with the champions protagonists of the international swimming Jaked why the products are designed in the laboratory and tested in the tank.

 With their Jaked shares a philosophy which is not only of sport, but of life: the DC voltage to improve and overcome their limitations, regardless of the starting level.

The debut in the world of swimming is loud, with a revolutionary product that is based on two innovative factors: a highly advanced construction technology (thermo-welding, which provides maximum comfort thanks to the absence of seams) applied to a high performance material (polyurethane-based 100%, which favors the dynamic fluidity in water).
From these special features comes the “Super-body Jaked J01”, the competition suit that has revolutionized the world of water sports and excites the fans, by imposing standards of performance never before achieved. In August 2009, the World Swimming Championships in Rome, around 68% of the athletes wearing a Jaked costume.

Meanwhile Inticom S.p.A. (Owner of the brand Yamamay) acquires the Jaked control to enter the sportswear business and the accessories related to the world of swimming pools.

In 2011 further growth: the fusion of Inticom (and therefore of the Yamamay and Jaked brands) with Kuvera (Carpisa brand). And the presence of Jaked, along with Yamamay and Carpisa in Group Pianoforte Holding S.p.A.

In 2012 the time is ripe for the start of the franchise project, with the opening of the first flagship stores Jaked, telling the evolution of the product and business strategy: not only swimming, but technical sportswear 360 °.

Jaked is now present in Italy with 17 flagship stores, 200 multi-brand and is distributed in over 23 countries worldwide. But it does not stop. Like the other two brands of the group he believes the expansion and great potential of online, and then launch new e-commerce site, complete with all the collections, full of proposals for the man, the woman and the child. Alongside the swimming costumes and accessories for swimming, even the triathlon and running collections, the online fitness and proposed active and beach, from clothing to accessories. Products made with the same passion as always and a growing technical expertise.

Author: Cristina Fiorentino



JAKED Launches New E-commerce Site by Cristina Fiorentino


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