High Fashion is Only Renato Balestra by Maria Zota

High Fashion is Only Renato Balestra

in the Garden Atelier of Cola di Rienzo in Rome 

Renato Balestra’s garden atelier was full of light, last night, for the high-fashion winter 2017-18 collection during Altaroma.

In the “Princess Collection” the yellow sun triumphs, the tunic dresses, sometimes enriched by precious embroideries, even floral that burst onto the mannequin shoulders .
The pomegranate nuance in soft satin in long sees couture details that in black become ribbons or lace embroidered.

Before the embroidered all-over bride, the black totle full-color hood reveals a mermaid dress embroidered with gold threads. Tulle rivulets, however, for the final wedding dress with a royal cascade of crystal embroidery transform the dream in n reality through lightweight fabrics.

But what do you really know about this amazing fashion designer?

Hailing from a family of stalwart architects, future high-fashion designer Renato Balestra was born in Triete, Italy, one of the most prosperous seaports in Europe, and a hub for literature and music in 1924. Because of this, Balestra spent a good portion of his childhood soaking in the best that European culture and history had to offer. He spent most of child childhood devoted to it, learning the intricacies of architecture (no doubt encouraged by his parents), as well as opera, music, and painting.

From there, Renato Balestra’s destiny began to pave the way for him. Though he was still in the middle of discovering just what he wanted to do with his life, he began designing for the theatre and cinema, helping refine his love for art and fashion. And when he finally created his eponymous label, he knew what he wanted to do, and decided that his destiny lay along the all the international catwalks, from Paris to the New York.

His label continued to rise to international fame, and his brand is known for light, glamorous fabrics and silks often stitched with precious metals.

Celebrities proved open to his designs, and his clothes soon draped across the bodies princesses, queens, first ladies, and films stars including Elizabeth Taylor. Due to his love of traveling, the Balestra name has reached across the continents, including the Middle East and China.

What did he said?
As for the high fashion fate, the stylist explained: “I continue to push the accelerator on haute couture in contradiction with those who, for example, pull out the mannequin with short striped socks.

I am absolutely convinced that we also need to educate the young people to “beautiful”concept, I think there is a kind of generational shuffle. ”

Author: Maria Zota 



High Fashion is Only Renato Balestra by Maria Zota


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