Gucci Cruise 2018 – Palazzo Pitti for Gucci Renaissance Experience by Maria Zota

Gucci Cruise 2018

Palazzo Pitti for Gucci Renaissance Experience

The show was held in Florence on Monday evening at the Palatina Gallery at Palazzo Pitti — an apt inspiration for Alessandro Michele.

This unique location was an Alessandro Michele idea:  that’s how high and free the ambitions of this brand soar these days.

The location could hardly have been more fitting for the lineup as the frescoed rooms were brimming with masterpieces from the likes of Rubens, Tintoretto, Titian, Velázquez and Caravaggio and guests were able to make a special visit of the Uffizi Museum and the enclosed passageway Vasari Corridor. “I am always connected with the Renaissance a lot, that’s why I am connected with Pitti Palace,” explained Michele backstage after greeting François-Henri Pinault and Salma Hayek Pinault, who told the designer she felt this was his “best collection” so far.

And what does he say about the Gucci Cruise?

“At the beginning, everything started in the Mediterranean, the Greek and Roman cultures,” “But we couldn’t have Athens, so I went to the next big step in civilization, the Renaissance, so we came here to Florence, the fascinating metropolis of the past, the place which had the power of big money. Like,” he smiled, “Napa Valley now.”

What about the main elements of the Fashion Collection?

Gucci atmosphere was in ancient Classical theme: gilded wreaths, tiaras implanted with silver lyres.

During the catwalk you could see leopard-spot turbans, head scarves, woolly bandeaux, nerdy tinted spectacles, glittery-framed sunglasses, piled-up almost-medieval hairpieces. It was amazing how Pearls were woven into flowing tresses or, in one case, fashioned into an all-over helmet with stuck-on beads encroaching onto the face.

Since he took over the Italian brand as creative director in January 2015, Michele’s vision has been very consistent about what he wants his collections to look like, something that will stand out in a crowd.

Author: Maria Zota 


Gucci Cruise 2018 – Palazzo Pitti for Gucci Renaissance Experience by Maria Zota


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