From Gucci to Balenciaga: Find Out The New Shoe Trends 2017/2018!

Are you curious to know the new shoe trend of 2017/2018?
As everyone know, trends come and go in fashion at least every season — and oftentimes even more than that. But how does the shoes market work?

They’re casual and a little unexpected shoes trends but they’re not so out there that people will make fun of you. They’ll say something for sure, but that’s what happens when you’re the trailblazer amongst your friends. Let’s have a look!

There are several brands that are inspiring the new shoes trend of this year!
Let’s take for example, Gucci’s Resort 2018 collection: Alongside all the fur and embroidery, filth-coated sneakers, crowned with sloppily tied laces (one pair even sat behind the tongue), made a cameo with a polished plaid men’s suit and an elevated track pant.

And what are the other stylist offering? Dirty shoes have also made recent high-fashion appearances with Vetements, which released a pair of scribbled-on sneakers for a collaboration with Reebok in Spring 2017, as well as for Balenciaga’s Fall 2017 men’s collection, where white trainers looked as if they had been dipped in tea. (Funnily enough, designer Demna Gvasalia himself wore a pair of scrawled-on Converse to the Fall 2016 Gosha Rubchinskiy show.)

Raf Simons released a pair of black scuffed white shoes with Adidas in Fall 2015, and luxury Italian label Golden Goose has long opted for the intentionally sullied look.

From sneakers to slide sandals to high-end aqua socks, shoes have reached new levels of beauty.
Another trend of the new summer shoes for 2017: house slippers. The easy-to-slide-on slipper that you wear while shuffling around the house, it’s the new cool shoe to be worn out of doors, thanks to the superbly rendered versions from Gucci, Marsell, and A. Testoni.

The interesting part is that: you can just wear them as you would sandals. They’re the perfect kind of shoe for the laziest of summer days, when you’re shuffling around the house or making a cold brew run or just minding the grill!! Get Ready to be fashion!!

Author: Veronica Rizzardi

From Gucci to Balenciaga: Find Out The New Shoe Trends 2017/2018! by Veronica Rizzardi

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