GLION University is Scouting in Rome: The Luxury Brand Management New Talents are Italians

GLION University is Scouting;in Rome: The Luxury Brand Management New Talents are Italians

Glion Institute for Higher Education, is a prestigious Swiss University, which has three campuses, two in Switzerland and one in London. Founded as a research center dedicated to Tourism and Hospitality it has, over the year, expanded its educational offer with new courses dedicated to luxury goods management , such as fashion, design, watchmaking and jewelry.

In any educational context, the University makes continuous international monitoring, to check which  are the countries from which select young people who have skills , talent and features to be admitted to this Institute.

For Luxury Brand Management course, Italy  was considered an interesting provenance country, because young Italians have skills and attitudes very close to the luxury world management .

It seems that, the young people of the beautiful country, not only designers and creative, know how to establish in the management of what is beautiful, innovative and valuable.

The recent studies of GLION University, in fact, reveals that young Italians have a special talent and a natural aptitude to be able to evaluate, recognize and manage everything that is beautiful and precious. The fact that they are born in the cradle of creativity and they learned, as children, to evaluate, to seek and recognize the quality and excellence; gives them a natural aptitude to learn with greater ease than other peers ;  techniques , rules and the setting  that managing a luxury brand requires in international positioning strategies.

In order to meet and identify potential future talent managert, GLION organized in Rome, for March 30 from 16.00 to 20.00 a workshop / meeting, in Gattinoni Atelier, where there are 20 young people between 18 and 22 years old, who has been selected. Simona Travaglini  is Founder and Coordinator of the event, and she has always been active in the fashion-related activities, from luxury to charity.

The free workshop program, provides a meeting with Stefano Dominella, President of Gattinoni and President of Unindustria Textiles, Clothing, Fashion and Accessories sections – it is the Union of Industrialists and Companies  of Rome, Frosinone, Latina, Rieti , Viterbo – a tour in Gattinoni Atelier and an exchange of ideas with  young Italian designers. The workshop aim, in addition to identifying young people more motivated and suitable to the luxury brand management studies, is to allow them to compete with a historical and consolidated reality, confronting this reality with the creativity and the contents of a young creative brands.

Jini Heller, representing Glion, is the course program leader, and he will present the Luxury Brand Management specialization.

Glion Institute of Higher Education

Glion Institute of Higher Education, founded in 1962, is a Swiss private institution that offers degree courses in international hospitality, luxury and event management, with students from over 90 countries, in its three campuses in Switzerland and in London. In addition, Glion offers online programs for MBA, Executive Certificate and corporate education. Glion is accredited at University level by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC). For more information

Gattinoni Maison

Gattinoni Maison story is linked to its founder Fernanda Gattinoni (1907-2002), who opened,in 1946, her first Atelier in Rome, Via Toscana, where there is the current historical location of the brand. During the second half of the eighties, the brand grows and renews itself through a real restyling by Stefano Dominella, current President of the Maison, which launches ready-to-wear lines and accessories, focusing on the synergy between experiment and tradition but without betraying the luxury and craftsmanship concepts. In 1985, he joined the creative team of  the young talent Guillermo Mariotto, who, in 1993, became the artistic director of Gattinoni fashion house. Currently, in the official calendars, are  4 collections per year  are presented; two high fashion and two ready-to-wear collections. ” Gattinoni style – says Mariotto – is energy, pure emotion, dynamic vortex between femininity and androgyny. Those concepts are elaborated with sartorial details. They are real signals of the New luxury “. For more information

Author: Diana Kingston


GLION University is Scouting in Rome: The Luxury Brand Management New Talents are Italians


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