Giorgio Armani The King Symbol of Elegance, Envied by the Whole World

According to Giorgio Armani, trends are a mechanism that forces women and men to behave according to models established by others, the Emporio Armani autumn-winter 2020-21 collection brings together three fundamental elements for the female wardrobe: the short, the medium and the trousers.

I had the chance to be part of this Emporio Armani Fashion Show on Friday 21 of February.

Sit next to me there was the amazing Italian singer Gianna Nannini and the wonderful actress Margherita Buy.

What I loved, was the large white writing flows on the mirrored scenography of the Armani / Teatro in via Bergognone: «I’m saying yes to recycling», which during the show , played all the models from different angles. Which , I think was very cool !

This opens the Emporio Armani fashion show, with a precise declaration of intent, confirmed by the choice to send the leaders of the sustainable R-EA line on the platform first.

I, then, entered the heart of the show, whose most inspiring was “ Be a Poem”, thinking of a young and strong-willed woman who plays with the dualism between male and female. She likes the long and “liquid” jackets, dandies style and the small blazers with high buttoning, which counterbalance the width and softness of the trousers.

I was positively impressed by Giorgio words:

“I wanted to give maximum freedom of choice to women who know how to manage these many possibilities depending on their physique and attitude. And it’s real freedom because trends mean nothing: fashion must improve the woman who lives today. I believe that at this moment more than ever, the trends are not there because they must not be there and it is not fair that they are there ».

I strongly appreciate also the idea of admiring Peter Lindbergh artwork exhibition, which was right there.

Just three words to describe “Be a poem” concept by Armani : Young, Classy and Bold.

Author: Maria Zota 


Giorgio Armani The King Symbol of Elegance, Envied by the Whole World by Maria Zota

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