Gianni Molaro: The Creator of the Most Precious Wedding Dress in the World by Maria Zota

Gianni Molaro The Creator of the Most Precious Wedding Dress in the World

Gianni Molaro, white hair and proud look on the catwalk, is one of the most effervescent and visionary artists of High Fashion , made in Italy.

All the brides love Gianni, and you just need a quick look at his Instagram profile, to understand what his tailoring production is made of. He is an unique designer, a true genius, who has been able to catalyze the attention of the media and the fashion system without any fear.

He is also a beloved guest in “Detto Fatto”Italian Tv Show, and he has also become an institution for the general public. But wondering who really is Gianni Molaro, the answer is intersting.

The stylist Gianni Molaro was born in 1966 in San Giuseppe Vesuviano, a few steps from the cradle of Neapolitan culture, Naples. Considered one of the leading exponents of the avant-garde in the fashion world, in 2013 he was called “The prophet of art couture” by the magazine Rendez Vous!

Why does everyone call him “the record designer”?

Easy: he signed a guinness tailoring business, with the realization of the longest bridal veil in the world (326.70 meters!).

But not only: he made the widest wedding dress in the world (with a diameter of over 13 meters) and the most expensive (studded with 7 thousand diamonds, in old italia lira had a breathtaking commercial value of 10 billion!).

I had the pleasure to met Gianni Molaro recently and I asked him some questions.

So we have the honor to interview Gianni Molaro for Tv Fashion Style; he is the King of bridal fashion, and not only …

The true is that I don’t want to be a King, I want to be a magician who transform every woman into a Queen.

Can you talk about the beginning of the idea to designing clothes?

I have always loved art ; when I was a child I used to paint with oil paints ; I wanted to become a great artist like Picasso or Dali’.

Around the age of 17 I had a creative metamorphosis from painting to fashion stylism.

I  started to design evening and bridal dresses, and I started creating them for my friends.

It was immediately a great success.

The enthusiasm made me cultivate the idea to open my first Atelier.

Where was the first Gianni Molaro Atelier?

The first one was in Naples.

 I inaugurated my first Atelier when I was 23 years old. It was a small 80 square meter Atelier where I began to receive the first clients and brides.

In the meantime the world began to who Gianni Molaro was.

Where does the choice of fabrics come from?

My luck was to have an experience with an important international fabric manufacturer for five years.

Who better than me could understand and dream about those fabrics transformed into clothes?

What about the most important Records of your career?

For 30 years I have been able to keep my Company with about 20 internal dressmakers and numerous collaborators. I can say that I achieve what I wanted.

Everything is possible .

In 1982 I made the longest bridal veil in the world and I sent a bride with a veil of 326.70 meters, to the Curch altar, with about 10,000 people who came to the event.

The next day the NYT and the BBC were talking about me.

I was surprised, I didn’t expect it.

The real success was in the thousands of people who came to the event.

A year and a half later, I made the widest wedding dress in the world, 13 meters in diameter.I introduced him to the press. And a  beautiful law graduate model who wanted to get married with that dress, came to me. And I said yes, you can have it.

In ‘97 came to me another beautiful girl, who married a jeweler merchant and she told me that she wanted to marry, with the most precious wedding dress in the world.

So I ask his future husband, Why don’t you get me 7000 diamonds?

He set me 7,000 diamonds: the value was 10 billion old lire, 5 million euros today.

From that moment Ophra also called me, she asked me to be his guest but for a personal reason, I could not accept her invitation.

What about your experience in “Alta Moda Roma”?

With Versace, towards the end of the 90s, I began to bring high fashion into the world of art.

And I was the first to coin the term ART COUTURE, in my communication.

My work concept was fashion towards art.

With my idea of fashion, the clothes used the body to take life and to expose themself.

The dress is no more an object of consumption.

My dresses take life, with an a high focus on the eye and soul vision.

The enthusiasm and determination of Gianni, is surprising.

And I was very impressed when I understood the high effort to relize every single dress, with the continuous search for embroidery, shapes and necklines, to make the bride precious and refined, romantic and feminine, sensual and sunny.

Author: Maria Zota 


Gianni Molaro: The Creator of the Most Precious Wedding Dress in the World by Maria Zota


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