Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter Collection 2018 by Maria Zota

Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter Collection 2018

From floreal proposals to white cerimony dresses and beije everyday outfit, Ermanno was simply stunning!

This year I had the possibility to observe the Fall-Winter Collection  2018 of the unique Ermanno Scervino.

I was very impressed by the beautiful dresses that remind me of a woman that is very confident and sexy.

Ermanno was inspired by the colours of brown, beige, typical of the autumn, he decide to use some yellow and black rhombus to give a touch of light.

I can definitely say that his Collection is inspired by the nature, and I really appreciate not only his everyday outfit with the boots that are coordinate with the coat, but also his outfits for an elegant cerimony, like the white ones.

In fact, his collection, represents, in my opinion, a real woman able to be sexy in every moment, from the office where she works to the dinner.

Did you know that Scervino Company only manufactures its products in Italy?

One of my favourite ouftfits was the coordinate with violet chess, with the light violet gloves!.

During Scervino Fashion Show I was in the back stage and I had the honour to meet Ermanno, this moment was very emotional.


I really love Ermanno and he is not only a creative person, but a real business man, in fact n April 2014, Ermanno Scervino had over 500 international points of sale, including 39 stores worldwide and It employs about 1200 workers worldwide.

Author: Maria Zota 





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Ermanno Scervino Fall/Winter Collection 2018 by Maria Zota


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