Emporio Armani, Vivacity and Free Style: Red Will be the Colour

A choice that surprises and innovates.
No limits to the combinations, except one: the “good taste”.

It is the color of love but also that the color of the life and energy.

Red is the surprise protagonist of Emporio Armani F-W Collection presented during the Milan Fashion Week.

Is an Energetic Red, alongside with the traditional black and gray, that surprises and innovates, helping to define the “free style” designed by Giorgio Armani to characterize his balanced and versatile creations, designed for every type of woman.

There are no limits to combinations, except one, as explained by the stylist on the sidelines of the fashion show: The respect for “good taste”.

The outfits are full of unexpected and individual balances.

It starts with proportions: coats with over and wrap-around volumes are paired with feminine dresses and latex-effect leggings, while the small jackets and soft trousers are unique.

Opposite materials and shapes are reconciled, with couture effect, in jackets, trousers and denim suits with details that dematerialize in the organza.

Finally, the accessories: shoes with geometric heels, soft boots, evening high boots-, belts with metal eagle-logo, small and soft bags that recall the graphics of the dresses.

I can definitely say Armani is always symble of Elegance.

Author: Maria Zota 


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Emporio Armani, Vivacity and Free Style: Red Will be the Colour by Maria Zota & Nick Zonna

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