The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection by Emporio Armani “Building Dialogues”of openness to the other and to the world.

I am very excited to talk about this amazing Emporio Armani concept.

With a video shot in that iconic place of the city that is the brand’s headquarters, in via Bergognone, Emporio Armani brings to the stage a collection that is also entertainment, support for the arts (thanks to the participation of many characters, from etoile Germain Louvet to actress Alice Pagani) and it represents an invitation to build dialogues as “bridges” to other worlds.

So what is the main idea of Emporio Armani dialogues?

Reading the press release of Emporio Armani , is clear that in a real or imaginary city, groups of people move around, ready to experience an expected event.

They walk in an orderly, conscious but frenetic way, and their light dresses, in cuts and fabrics, integrate perfectly into the urban landscape. 
When the sun goes down – which brings with it colors, graphics and strong sound suggestions – streets, suspension bridges, large stairways are animated by an unusual movement.

The luminous entity, as a future evoked by the community, floods the urban landscape where people, stories, talent and vision meet and connect. 
So here we understand the deep meaning of dialogues. 
I personally think that this atmosphere is simply an excellent way to express the message and the concept of Emporio Armani.

What I like the most is that in the men’s and women’s collection for spring summer 2021, presented with a closed-door fashion show entitled ‘Building Dialogues’ as part of Milan Fashion Week, everything is weightless, almost impalpable. 
His and hers wardrobes dialogue without overlapping, with the same spirit. They share the same need for lightening, which dematerializes and even illuminates black. 
The neutral and fresh colors move from beige, grays and almonds to find the purest expression in the shades of white and blue.

So what is really the concept behind this idea?

Emporio Armani combines the musical and visual art of Frédéric Sanchez with the architecture of the headquarters in via Bergognone, between Armani / Silos and the new offices. 

The architectural context, with its buildings, becomes a dynamic surface, container and content. Together with the protagonists of the video and the viewer, it contributes to ‘building’ symbolic dialogues of openness to the other and to the world.

And what can I say regarding the video?

In the video directed by Leandro Manuel Emede and Nicolò Cerioni, in addition to the models, characters belonging to the worlds that have always been linked to the great community of the brand will wear Emporio Armani clothes.

What is the reason of this choice?

This is a choice that wants to be a symbolic gesture in support of those arts – music, dance and acting – which have been particularly penalized by the long lockdown period and are still in difficulty today.

Here is the list of the main actors :

Omar Ayuso, known thanks to his participation in the Elite TV series
Najwa Nimri, famous for her roles in Vis à Vis and La Casa di Carta
Lucas Lynggaard Tonnesen, protagonist of The Rain series
Alice Pagani, co-star actress of the Baby series and former face of the perfume Emporio Armani In love with you freeze
Rocco Fasano, known thanks to the Skam Italia series
Miguel Àngel Silvestre, actor in the Sense8 and Narcos series
Joan Thiele, Italian singer-songwriter and producer
Hell Raton, co-founder of Machete and judge of X Factor 2020
Nahaze, rising star of Italian music
Sita Abellan, international DJ, stylist, designer
Germain Louvet, étoile of the Paris Opera
Les Twins, (Laurent and Larry Bourgeois) dancers and choreographers.

Now is time to focus on the Collection itself, because an aesthetic  is faithfully and punctually reflected in the collection: light dresses, suits with relaxed lines, fluid overcoats, shortened blousons, wide trousers and maxi shirtdresses in this iconic palette, which touch the body without ever tightening it, which speak of delicacy and timeless elegance.

 An impalpable dialogue between today and tomorrow, tradition and future, embodied by the national and international faces that best project us to the world that is coming. 
Now, rendezvous on prime time TV on Saturday 26 September to learn about the second chapter of the Armani revolution.

Therefore I really understood and appreciated Building Dialogues as the video that talk about the Emporio Armani men’s and women’s spring / summer 2021 collections, and which was online on, the dedicated mini-site and on the brand’s social channels.

Now let’s move from Emporio Armani to Giorgio Armani. 

It is clear that, for the spring summer 2021 collection, Giorgio Armani silhouette, both feminine and masculine, is essential, soft, fluid: a fusion of pure lines and neutral colors – gray, beige, black, blue – that light up with occasional geometries, with tone-on-tone effects that never prevail over the rest.

What emerges is the personality of a woman and a man free from aesthetic conventions, careful instead to be themselves through what they wear. Whether everything is mat or sparkling, it is the sense of measure.

Giorgio, the great Milanese designer has chosen a silhouette, both feminine and masculine, essentially soft, fluid: a fusion of pure lines and neutral colors – gray, beige, black, blue – that light up with occasional geometries, which teem with rhythmic patterns, following an idea of ton sur ton that is real and metaphorical, and never prevails over the rest.

Author: Maria Zota 


The Spring/Summer 2021 Collection by Emporio Armani “Building Dialogues”of openness to the other and to the world. by Maria Zota

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