Elisabetta Franchi Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

After NYC and London, finally  is time for the unique Milan Fashion Week where very influential people of the fashion world,   from all over the world , arrive, to discover the new fashion trends for spring 2018.

During this MFW I also had the possibility and the honor to attending several events and  fashion shows. Today, I would like to share with you my experience as a guest during the Elisabetta Franchi catwalk,  Made in Italy. By the way …  I’m a big fan of her brand !

When I arrived at the event I felt the energy,  the excitement and the agitation from all the people involved in the catwalk ; from models, staff, fashion designers, to the guests.

Elisabetta Franchi Catwalk conquered me because it was inspired by the fascination and seduction of the late 1800s in America.

Long silk dresses, floating skirts with lace details, transparencies, gloves, and accessories were all very elegant with a touch of classic romance but also perfectly in line with the contemporary trends.

I was also particularly impressed by the details of beautiful hair with the application of pearls and ribbons.

The predominant colors of the catwalks were white, yellow, black and ivory. All this reminds me a land of a Continent, where, at the end of the eighteenth century, there were the first female movements, where women began to conquer the emancipation for the right to vote.

The beautiful Elizabetta Franchi Catwalk was definitely  a true tribute to the woman struggle and recognition in our society .

Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni – Interior Designer and Model
Based in LA | Born in Venezuela CEO of SDL Design interior Design – AC Talent Agency
Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni
Youtube: goo.gl/gfYM3g

Elisabetta Franchi Spring/Summer 2018 Fashion Show by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

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