Elisabetta Franchi Back Stage is a Colour Explosion of the 70s by Maria Zota

Elisabetta Franchi Back Stage is a Colour Explosion of the 70s

This year, during the MFW, I really appreciated the message by Elisabetta Franchi’s Fashion Show, that represents a determined woman who knows what she wants.

Monica Vitti embodies the spirit of this unique Collection where the Elisabetta Franchi revolutionary woman is just herself, as a modern symbol of authenticity.

Being in the very prestigious backstage of Elisabetta Franchi Fashion Show, made me feel very exited and joyful.

The opportunity to observe how the girls (incredibly beautiful) get ready for the show, for one of the most beautiful collections, makes me understand how many emotions and hard work is behind the show.

I had the pleasure to meet one of the sweetest models I’ve ever seen !! Her name is Linda Fracassi and from my point of view, she will have a great future in the high fashion Modelling career.

I met many famous people from Italian television, like Gianluca Vacchi, Simona Ventura and many others.

It was a real show.

The fashion show predominant colours were ocher colours, there were several bows on clothes collars and colourful resin accessories on bags, shoes and jewellery, all 70s style.

In general, Elisabetta chose showy and flashy dresses, with geometric multicolour prints combined with very high boots, shining like the plastic belts.

Elisabetta Franchi femininity was highlighted by spontaneity and irony of a woman seriously proud of being a woman in the male world where she lives.

An explosion of rich colours creates combinations with great impact on clothes and accessories.

I was really happy to be able to see the reality behind the scenes, behind the backstage of this marvellous fashion show, because I had a new point of view and I really discovered the hard work that is behind a short moment like the  Elisabetta Franchi’s show. She is a stylist not only very human and sensitive (animalist) but also extremely devoted to work and very professional.

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Elisabetta Franchi Back Stage is a Colour Explosion of the 70s by Maria Zota


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