Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week ss2019 Macrotopia by Audrey Tritto

Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week ss2019 Macrotopia

After Monte Carlo and the exclusive event of the Principality of Monaco with HSH Prince Albert II and the evening for the Foundation he presided over, I could not really renounce going at least for a day in Paris and even more so I could not give up on the fashion week Spring-Summer 2019.

Paris, with its atmosphere a bit romantic  and melancholic is always a source of inspiration for me: it is Paris that remains in the heart, of the “vie en rose” and of the eternal love that flows secretly, in the waters of the Seine that also preserves its history, passions and moods, and the heart of a city that enchants lovers for centuries … Paris … mon amour!

Among the many fashion shows to decide to see, my choice this year fell on Elie Saab, a designer I love and who for some time now I wanted to look up in one of his fashion shows, after I could admire his creations at the Amfar in Cannes 2018 donated to the collection of the fashion show “And Woman Created All / Et La Femme Créa Tout fashion show” which in 2018 was sold for $1.7 million for Amfar.

For me, Paris has a special charm and even for a single day, for a single hour or just for a couple of minutes, it always takes on the flavour of a dream, of an unpredictable emotion that deserves to be experienced in its fullness. From the moment I touch the ground as I get off the plane, until the moment I leave from there, my soul and my thoughts come together in an enchanting dream where the fairy tale of a kiss stolen at midnight, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, makes my heart beat in the hope of being able to realize it.

If there is a place where Fashion and Shopping Experience become not only a purely aesthetic fact, but also cultural and evocative, this is Paris, with all its magnificence, splendor, beauty and elegance. No other place in the world can be compared to it, and no other place in the world has managed to merge the architectural aesthetics of past centuries and the creative charm of fashion, melting into a single “breath” that knocks wind out of millions of women who every year flock, from all over the world, its streets and its boutiques.

It is no coincidence that the world’s haute couture houses find here their natural “site” to express themselves to the maximum of their beauty and their creative power, as it is no coincidence that only here, you can admire and “live” the most beautiful, the most spectacular and memorable fashion shows, which will remain forever in the history of fashion and global communication.

A particular and elegant seduction, made of coloured and shiny shapes, where the female body is never overshadowed and where the woman and all her beauty becomes the centre of the world, on which to build a visual path that leads the observer to the heart of female beauty.

This year’s collection, MACROTOPIA, was born looking for inspiration in some of the smallest but structural micro floral details translated into a macro aesthetic utopia that blooms through the various pieces of this collection. Elie Saab’s clothes are wonderful visual zooms on “flowers” and on parts of them, in which at the center there is always a feminine beauty to admire, to exhibit and celebrate in the joy of colors, and in the softness and volumes of the aesthetic lines that outline the forms.

This details are drawn onto lingerie-like pieces, while the layering of light, luxurious materials, demure transparency reveal the softer aspect of the woman hidden beneath: silhouettes take on a sculptural approach, as the minute construction observed on the outer shells of scarabs follows the development of the collection’s pieces.

Elie Saab has created a memorable collection, fresh, young, attractive and wearable, which makes him one of the greatest interpreters, as well as for haute couture, of the female pret a porter. The designer has been able to create a collection for an audience that wants to live in the everyday life of modernity’ and in the sophistication of a world that only a few bigs still manage to redefine, evolving into an artistic and creative concept.

A great confirmation for me but also a great revealed surprise that takes on an exclusive meaning when seen in an evolutionary perspective of the very concept of feminine beauty that wants to keep up with the times.

I was so used to consider Elie Saab a star in the firmament of the greats of haute couture, that I had never thought of him as a giant of pret a porter, and this fashion show reminded me that his greatness goes beyond the boundaries of my imagination, leaving me the pleasure of his wonderful beauty.

Thank you to Elie Saab for giving me this emotion.

A la prochain fois!!

Paris , je t’aime encore!!


Audrey Tritto


Elie Saab Paris Fashion Week ss2019 Macrotopia by Audrey Tritto


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