Curiel Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture Collection by Cristina Fiorentino

ROME, JANUARY, THE 29th, 2016

Every time I walk by a florist, when my eyes observe a Flower bed, when i steal the corner of a glorious terrace or when I feel embraced by a green field, i am happy.

In this world of confusion, depression, corruption, there is an even definitive sweet and violent message of hope, a constant breeze of rebirth.

Still to this day, with the wonder of a child I go on observing the miracle of nature with an almost-insane determination, when it rises, it blossoms, it cries out its beauty, when it sleeps back to smile again.

Observing the birth of a seed that turns into a plant, in the magical evolution of the diverse shades of greens, that seed that will turn into a flower with its infinite miriads


Of nuances makes my spirit soar in a rainbow of positive feelings.

Shapes of leaves and flowers and corollas I wished to steal from nature and trasform them into trousers, tops and skirts, I stole their images from gardens corners to make embroideries, i drew rose bushes, clematis and hydrangeas for graceful chiffon dresses, i printed and applied forget-me-nots and poppies: everything for an anthem to life that is real garden and most of all the Garden of heart.


Jewels: I bijoux di Simonetta

Shoes: Gigliola Curiel for Pasticcini Milano

Hats: Gallia and peter for Curiel

Hairstyles: Sergio Valente and the team of Premio Sergio Valente

Make up: Lorena Leonardis and the team of Accademia di Trucco

Professionale Roma and Chiara Castellini


Author: Cristina Fiorentino



Curiel Spring/Summer 2016 Haute Couture Collection by Cristina Fiorentino


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