Chopard Happy Sport 36mm, Happy Summer! by Maria Elena Fabi

Happy Sport 36mm Happy Summer! by Chopard

Happy Sport watch is undoubtedly the new Chopard joyful trend : independent but at the same time contemporary timepiece !

Baselworld 2016 gave to Chopard the possibility to present a Happy Sport model that you can customize, fitted with a strap you can change yourself , on the base of your personal taste!

You can change the strap and, of course, the strap colour;  in this way colour infuse a new sense of fresh and energy with each new strap, and it becomes essential for Happy Sport.

Therefore the interesting thing is that Happy Sport 36 mm offers a multiplicity of colours that you can wear in step with the changing seasons and your moods!

To enjoy the Happy Sport 36mm with its incredible strap system you can choose sky blue for example for the summer, or other beautiful colours such us sea green and bright orange !

What about the materials?

On one hand, evident are the fabulous moving diamonds, whirling between two wonderful sapphire crystals.

On the other hand, the latter is made of rubber and it reminds that mixing and matching materials lies at deep of the free and joyful Happy Sport concept.

Happy Sport is a true style icon and what about you? Have you got a vibrant personality and a free spirit? In that case Happy Sport is perfect for you!

But the real question is: who had this visionary idea? The amazing designer Caroline Scheufele had imagined this precious, sporty and unconventional beautiful watch.

Stunning is also her idea of hiding the secret lucky Chopard mantra “Be Happy” inscription, on the back of the strap!

With Happy Sport you will change the strap of your watch in the comfort of your home and whenever they you feel like it.

You can do whatever you want: from Matching to mismatching, but mostly dreaming in colours!!!


Author: Maria Elena Fabi

Giornalista Professionista / Conduttrice Tv & Radio 
Rai Uno: Inviata Per Programma Unomattina e Domenica In 


Chopard Happy Sport 36mm, Happy Summer! by Maria Elena Fabi


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