China Excellent Outlets by Nick Zonna

China Excellent Outlets and Mr Mario Boselli presented an exclusive project called “Excellent Outlets International Center of Shijiazhuang”.

The new project will be built in the Chinese Capital City, and it will include : outlets town (with the best of Made In Italy), health cities, shopping area, international schools and seniors communities for for total of 2 million square meters.

The meeting was attended by distinguished guests such as Mr Mario Boselli, Honorary President of the National Chamber of Italian Fashion; Sun Ruibin, Party secretary of Shijiazhuang City; Zhao Wenfeng, Director of  Development and Reform Commission of Shijiazhuang; Cui Jian, President of China Excellent Outlets; Salvatore Miranda, Deputy General Manager of China Excellent Outlets and Luca Cavallari, Vice President of China Excellent Outlets.

hijiazhuang Project offers a cultural experience, entertainment & leisure and holiday break.

The Total Investment for the Project is  8.8 billion yuan (about 1.3 billion Euros), and China Excellent Outlets is responsible for each development step: pre-appraisal, positioning, overall design concept, brand leasing plan , tourism and culture cooperation, architectural planning,  marketing, leasing and sales and operational management.

Shijiazhuang Excellent Outlets wants to support Shijiazhuang traditional touristic proposal and it wants to integrate the new Chinese urbanization.

At the same time, the project aims to improve infrastructures housing, recreational, commercial and medical services to benefit the all community.

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China Excellent Outlets by Nick Zonna


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