Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld latest Fashion Show

Camellias, Hearts ,Bows and Hairpins as the Current Chanel Hairstyle Trend

The exhibition pavilion oft Grand Palais in Paris welcomed a melancholy winter village surrounded by snow-capped mountains during the Chanel Fall Winter 2019-2020 fashion show, the latest collection by Karl Lagerfeld.

The Fashion Show was supervised by Virginie Viard, Lagerfeld’s right-hand for over thirty years.

She has seen the latest Chanel creations parading on some of the most beloved models by the German designer, including Cara Delevingne, Kaia Gerber, Vittoria Ceretti and Mariacarla Boscono. On the catwalk there was the amazing Penelope Cruz, another designer’s muse.

The Fall / Winter 2019/2020 fashion show by Chanel, she has dedicated clasps and hairpins as the current hairstyle trend.

A touch of class that has transformed the hairstyle, curated dall’hairstylist Sam McKnight: many different hair accessories.

Black grosgrain bows, sometimes with knots covered with colored camellias (symbol of Chanel), but also feathered snowflakes and brooches with the precious Chanel inscription, hearts decorated with “alpine” theme and ice skates.

At the end of the Fashion Show, all the models on the catwalk and the guests observed a minute’s silence in memory of Karl Lagerfeld. Among the guests, many friends of the designer including Claudia Schiffer, Monica Bellucci, Janelle Monae and Kristen Stewart.

Author: Maria Zota

Chanel, Karl Lagerfeld latest Fashion Show: Camellias, Hearts, Bows and Hairpins as the Current Chanel Hairstyle Trend by Maria Zota

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