Chanel Cruise 2018 Travels Back to Ancient Greek by Ylenia Totino

This year, after many seasons of globe-trotting Cruise shows (from Cuba, Dubai to Rome), our fashion idol, Karl Lagerfeld decided the brilliant location of Paris, for this cruise season.


Therefore Chanel’s Cruise 2018 show was perfectly in line, in its usual ready-to-wear show location, The Grand Palais, which was transformed into a picturesque set of ancient ruins and pillars.

What is the title of this incredible collection?? “The Modernity of Antiquity,”: this explain how the new collection was inspired by Greece.

Is amazing how, for its Cruise 2018 collection, Chanel has time-travel back to Ancient Greece. Karl Lagerfeld was able to totally transformed the Grand Palais in Paris, erecting an ancient temple, complete with crumbling ruins and Mediterranean greenery and more.

Karl Lagerfeld’s Cruise 2018 perfectly represents the aesthetics of ancient Greece. After this amazing collection we are so sure the designer will go down in fashion’s future history books as an eternal visionary, much like this particular aesthetic epoch he chose to mine, because his mind is unique, full of fantasy.

Every detail of Chanel outfits is part of a collection that referenced this age of antiquity, with plenty of opulent takes on the Ancient Greece’s unfussy ensembles. The main feautures of the collection were plenty of shift dresses in warm desert tones, toga-esque gowns with gold accents, and an array of high-heeled gladiator sandals and gilded tweeds cinched at the waist.

You can certainly say that Karl Lagerfeld has a bit of an obsession with theatrics.

For Chanel Cruise 2018, Karl Lagerfeld, with his theatrical style, surprises us in the middle of a carefully re-constructed Greek Ruin, Chanel Cruise reimagines 20th century Greece for 21st century fashionistas.

Author: Ylenia Totino  Modella – Giornalista – Blogger

Chanel Cruise 2018 Travels Back to Ancient Greek by Ylenia Totino

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