Chanel 2017 – Space Mission by Audrey Tritto

Chanel 2017 – Space Mission

Finally begins the journey to explore space and its infinite possibilities.

Now you can see new horizons and the world can be revealed in all its dimensions. Chanel, after planning, structured and implemented the strategic universe conquest plan, is ready to travel into Deep Space deeper space, the place where our minds find pleasures and satisfactions, joys, smiles and desires through Fashion.

Each sewing, every button, every collection cloth, become a symbol, a clear expression of evolutionary form, already reached by fashion , mixing pure entertainment elements with  technique elements, to show the fashion sense and the philosophy of a  language that robots, even if probably will live with us, will never understand.

Today Chanel, represents a real revolution, which transformed the creative idea of ​​a woman who marked our time style, in a mental projection where the luxury concept, found its own dimension. Today, Chanel  is a symbol, an icon that preserves a creative freedom spirit, ready to go to space, to spread Coco Chanel desire, to free women through fashion.


Today Karl Lagerfeld is, indeed, the best performer of Chanel spirit, and his ability to create another Collection with unique styles where past mix with future creating an unrepeatable uniqueness, confirm the greatness of this Fashion Lifestyle Great Director.

Lagerfeld is not only stylist, he is a great women aesthetic life scriptwriter, because he communicates with them, without talking,  using only his creations, that, more than a song , arrive to women heart, generating happiness and emotions.


Karl preserved (more than any Hollywood Producer,  always innovating Chanel Brand)

a story that in the next 100 years will continue to live, and that today, in front of a such a spectacular image of Fw 2017/18 Catwalk,  collected the usual human crowd of international “Chanel Lovers” .

Paradoxically I focus on the fact that today, there are more people following the live catwalk show than people following the live space mission launch.


Ironically this ancient and repetitive show, has been followed, on a worldwide scale, by much more spectators than “launch into orbit”  – of astronauts with their unique scientific  and experience- spectators.

This consideration says a lot about our spirit, our dreams and our way to project our life ideas, and it also explains how imagination has strange logical mechanisms that turn on our emotions and our actions.

blank After this introduction I can finally describe this catwalk, this magnificent show, based on “Space” theme.

I can tell you about this show colors;  silver, white and black, and blazes similar to spaceships flares, and I can tell you how amazing were the new innovative materials that remind spacecraft padded interior, and chromatic hues of Apollo capsules, when they were parked on the Moon.


Chanel cloths show, generally speaking, a great technological success that can be discovered in leaders (modern and innovative yarns, made by “Linea Piu’” Italian Brand, a global innovative leader in the fashion yarn); therefore technology was the protagonist of the Catwalk, arriving to admire the fantastic Swarovsky boots symbolizing the stars brilliance, illuminating the interplanetary darkness.





The fashion models were “alien and dolls”, worsted as the famous Jane Fonda of  “Barbarella” science fiction 60’s movie, with the super Aliens glasses that allow the imagination to fly and without taking ourselves to much seriously.

blank In front of Catwalk like that , there is nothing to do and there is not much to say,  you can only say good or bad.         I would say good …. rather beautiful … Chanel goes beyond logical thinking and this, is its merit, that no other brand can deeply understand, and that no one else has been able to reach around the evocative power of its symbols, fashion objects higher than any evocative power.

See you in the next creativity Planet .

Paris Je t’aime

Author: Audrey Tritto


Chanel 2017 – Space Mission by Audrey Tritto


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