Cartier Precious Garage – Milano

The boundaries between Art, Design, Fashion and Luxury is very difficult to be defined and, as it happens in the scientific world where everything is pushed ever further, Cartier’s great project which aim is to put together in a modern and innovative way the basis elements of the Cartier heritage, turned out to be a wonderful opportunity to offer the world a new, young and modern view thanks to the innovative “Cartier Precious Garage”, in Milan, during the “Salone Internazionale del Mobile” 2017.

This period is perhaps for Milan the moment with maximum creative participation in cultural life, if we consider how, among installations and locations “Fuori Salone”, the design is able to produce a swirl creative movement that shows the world, more than in any other place on earth, that the famous line between Art, Design, Fashion and Luxury in Milan is a great “creative cloud”, full of strength and energy showing an Italian international city, opposed to the real one, made of smog and water vapor.

An irreplaceable style somewhere else, a place where the question of the size of the city, along with the creative one, allow you to think about the fact that this space and this place, Milan and Italy, for centuries cradle of talent and creativity, are able to give value to culture making it “ commercial” but in the most noble and democratic sense of its meaning.

And so Desi Santiago, who has realized for Cartier a creative and visionary place in which the basic concepts of Cartier’s doctrine were scrambled and exalted in contemporary context, invented a key and a totally new and modern formula, which tends to enhance the most important elements that are the historical basis of the brand itself: mechanics as jewelry, handicrafts as a workshop made by men, design as fresh and lively aesthetic showed by a modern, iconic and timeless Corvette car, and a golden world in which all elements are fused together: the golden yellow of the world of luxury.

Cartier itself has the spirit of mechanics in its noblest sense and that has been clear since “Drive de Cartier” watch was launched. This watch is inspired by the motorsport world, but this time the brilliant idea of telling the world of Cartier as a true workshop in a real Garage was a nice touch that implies a great communicative sensitivity capable only to those who live their time looking for marking them as smoothly as possible.

Inside the installation, at the center of the space, a chrome gold Corvette was raised on a deck and the shine of the jewels stored in the drawers of a toolbox gave a dreamy vision. Each dismounted element of the Corvette, as in a model box placed on a large golden wall, completed this visionary artistic interpretation of Cartier brand.

I would not speak about the jewels and the wonderful art installations that have declined the famous “Juste un clou” Cartier into a spectacular art installation, made of thousands gold nails that has excelled on the stage of the space devoted to the dozens of events and performances that were held throughout the show week.

I’d rather dwell on the fact that through this experience Cartier has marked forever the way of the luxury brands to enter into the imagination of the new generations with a sense, a feeling, and a penetration capacity never seen before in the world of communication

I would also like to be a “nail” and shine like one of these wonderful jewels on display here.

Author: Audrey Tritto


Cartier Precious Garage – Milano by Audrey Tritto

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