Carpisa Fashion Brand by Annalisa Fiscarelli

Carpisa is the Italian fashion brand of handbags and luggage, internationally recognized for its high quality products.
‎For the next collection , Carpisa brings the colors of the autumn: the shades recall the warm and golden colors of the season, such as mustard , brick red, dove gray and green in all its nuances, to revive the alternation of the traditional brand colors.

The backpack is a must for Carpisa Collection: it is revisited in unisex key, it is versatile and multi-purpose!
It is avaiable in several versions.
We can find tartan, ethnic fantasy for the more youthful and fun back to school patterns!
Furthermore Carpisa offers canvas and faux leather for the most glamorous versions.
Finally it offers more formal solid color models.

Reggia di Caserta, The Royal Palace of Caserta, is the wonderful location of it is Carpisa advertising campaigns.
This is a very inspiring place full of rich and precious artistic works of the Vanvitellian Monument.

‎The Royal Palace at Caserta and its park, inserted as one of the 50 Italian UNESCO World Heritage Sites in 1997, are treasures of truly incomparable splendor. Commissioned by Charles III of Bourbon in the 1700s, Luigi Vanvitelli planned this palace, a triumph of the Italian Baroque and one of the most famous and important works by the Neapolitan architect.

Its nomination described it as “the swan song of the spectacular art of the Baroque, from which it adopted all the features needed to create the illusions of multidirectional space”.

Signe Vilstrup is the amazing photographer of Carpisa Campaign.
She is able to capture the best of the wonderful Carpisa Testimonial Penelope Cruz.

Author: Annalisa Fiscarelli

Annalisa Fiscarelli


Carpisa Fashion Brand by Annalisa Fiscarelli


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