Cannes 2017 The Magnificent amfAR gala – The Gatsby’s

Once again the event of the year was celebrated at the Hotel Du Cap of Eden Roc in Cannes, sublimating the aesthetic essence of “The Great Gatsby”, the book published by Francis Scott Fitzgerald in 1925, back in the news with the 2013’s movie with stars as Leonardo Di Caprio. A singular love story, in a billionaire New York of the last century background, where the only desire seems to be to attend to the grand celebrations organized by the man with a mysterious past, namely the Great Gatsby: everyone wants to be there because it is the “right place with the right people.”

In the 3 years I have been attending Amfar, I’ve been able to observe how the evolution of this event, born 24 years ago to raise funds for the fight against AIDS, has reached such a level that I don’t think there is another event and moment through the year in which you can see, together and in the right mix, Celebrities of all kinds in a unique place and where everyone seems to be the same as others and where no one seems to be more important than the others.

Never as this year the presence of Di Caprio and Tobey Maguire, the two protagonists of the  movie, together with David Beckham, Willy Smith and other dozens of stars like Uma Thurman etc. etc …. along with the impeccable organization set up by the global fundraising chairman Milutin Gatsby, the great real “Gatsby” of the event, have transformed this venue into an epic and magnificent moment that can only be understood and enjoyed from within.

In the collective imagination, Milutin Gatsby with his event transformed Eden Roc into the Long Island’s “Kings Point”, the house where in Fitzgerald’s book, Jay Gatsby celebrated the memorable parties everyone wanted to attend, and so he managed to create a “magic” that allowed to carry and update the characters of 100 years ago, from New York in 1925 to Cannes in 2017.

Milutin has the merit to provide to a major cause as “Aids fight” luxury, excesses, and rivers of money that would otherwise be lost for the sake of pure fun. It wasn’t a mean feat, as it wasn’t even so easy to be able to organize such an event, with about a thousand guests, who have experienced the feeling of being in a unique and exclusive place, where the sparkling of the clothes, the scent of Cigars and the champagne bubbles created a single euphoria river difficult to control.

This year’s style was just the one of the movie “ The Great Gatsby”: everything, from the logo of the event, to ostrich feathers, to music and waiters in 20’s style, as well as the opening of the show were inspired precisely to that historical period.

The eyes cross, wherever they look, beauty, glamor and charm, and only the long stroll through ostrich feathers, champagne glasses, modern artworks, jazz music, and stunning scenery on the horizon is worthwhile the difficulty of walking on high heels requested by all female guests.

Whether is the model of the year like Bella Hadid or movie stars or “simple” billionaires – it is to say – everyone here admires and is admired and seems that just at the presence of a camera or a phone everyone tends to look more kind and apprehensive, as the secret of this event is in the pleasure of being admired and immortalized.

Certainly this is a unique place and a unique event in the world that could not be replicated anywhere else in the world, as here the two worlds blend together: the east and the west, the north and the south, and here, perhaps much more than official meetings and national delegations, people meet people who, with their personal relationships can move in just a few days an interesting media attention so that in the end its value is far superior to the one generated by the Auction fund sales.

Perhaps Oscar Night could be the only real event that could compete with the Amfar at Eden Roc, but the truth is that only here it is possible to experience the typical European exclusivity that no other place in the world can afford to have.
Walking through artworks, luxury cars, femmes fatales, champagnes, celebrities and enjoying a incredible panorama unique in the world, you can breathe and understand the “emotional weight” of being part of such an event that, in its own way, has made school and history of the new millennium’s costume.At the end this is just a party, but it feasts !!!

Author: Audrey Tritto



Cannes 2017 The Magnificent amfAR Gala – The Gatsby’s by Audrey Tritto

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