Brunello Barbieri For Unique Fashion Women by Maria Elena Fabi

Brunello Barbieri For Unique Fashion Women

“To be irreplaceable you must be unique”: the famous Coco Chanel quote is the essence of Brunello Barbieri new collection. The fashion house is based in Rancate, Ticino ( Switzerland).

The Maison wants to satisfy the need to love ourself, accepting our different physicality, with simple shapes that gently caress our figures, focusing on the choice of precious tissues and proper accessories for exclusive clients.

Here the fashion original ideas come to life; the materials change from soft and fluid to structured and shaped fabrics; while laces and studs enrich Brunello Barbieri Collection thanks to an unique effect of simplicity .

Therefore the development of an high quality and refined seasonal collection offers a wonderful variety to several shops  where you have a brilliant choice from the size to fabrics and colors, in a very short time.


Brunello Barbieri is also famous because it is able to dress both simple woman and celebrities.

The Fashion House was proud to wear Brigitta, first daughter Loredana Lecciso, born from his first marriage with Fabio Loredana Cazzato.

But how is the relationship between Brigitta and Romina Carrisi?

Romina Carrisi public on his profile Instagram a photo of herself with Brigitta Cazzato, writing: “Missing my heart – writes – #Tbt #love #Forever #SisterLove #missingThisOne #AmoreMio #Tenerezza”. Among the daughter of Al Bano and the eldest child of Loredana Lecciso (born from the marriage with Fabio Cazzato) there is a strong connection.

Romina and Brigitta grew up together, since their parents felt in love. They have two brothers, Albano Junior and Jasmine. In the large extended family also Cristel and Yari, the other two heirs of Albano, famous Italian singer.

But, let’s talk about Brigitta dress: Her Brunello Barbieri dress, with mermaid silhouette, with shaped cuts that accompany and the marvelous figure of Brigitta,  with double drap silk and silk organza.

Her unique dress has been enriched by the application of wonderful Swarovski crystals.

Brunello Barbieri Maison wrote on FB ” It was wonderful and exciting to have the opportunity to dress the woman voted as the sex bomb of the most glamorous wedding of the year! The future icon of grace and style, BRIGITTA honored us by participating in the wedding of Cristel Carrisi as  bridesmaid, wearing the dress created for her “.

Author: Maria Elena Fabi

Giornalista Professionista / Conduttrice Tv & Radio 
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Brunello Barbieri For Unique Fashion Women by Maria Elena Fabi


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