Antonio Grimaldi – Spring Summer 2020 Couture Collection by Maria Zota

Antonio Grimaldi – Spring Summer 2020 Couture Collection Invited member of the official calendar of Haute Couture Parisienne

Monday 20, January, Palais de la Découverte Avenue Franklin Delano Roosevelt – Paris 8e

For his new Spring / Summer 2020 Couture collection, Antonio Grimaldi turns his gaze to and draws inspiration from the Nymphs who inhabit the art world. A recurring theme for both classical and avant-garde artists, the modern nymphs – imagined by Antonio Grimaldi, appear as slender and feminine figures, maidens characterized by an incomparable beauty, mythological and poetic beings, that tell of love and desires as well as beauty in all its forms.

With divine powers, protectors of heaven, woods, mountains and springs, they are sensual and sophisticated in silhouettes dominated by pastel shades: wisteria and celadon green makes reference to water and its reflections; bright pink, absolute white and silver recall the celestial atmosphere. Tones that gradually become darker with dresses dominated by fine blacks to purple and metallic colors (lamé, platinum and rose gold) as well as an intense mustard yellow, inspired by the enchanted world of woods and forests.

Curved and aerial shapes, chasing lines, architectural asymmetries on the necklines and hems, wave slits. Lightness that stands on elegant silhouettes, thanks to cuts and techniques typical of high fashion and that have become the leitmotif of Antonio Grimaldi’s style.

Double silk cady returns (a must for the Maison) which alternates and overlaps fabrics like mikado and taffetà moiré to give life to clothes with volume, body and character. The large volumes that distinguish the silhouettes are dominated by a sensual lightness that gives a dreamy and magical aura. Among the 30 looks proposed on the catwalk, there are trompe l’oeil outfits that deceive the eye by giving dress coats a frock coat effect.

To embellish the outfits, feathers – rich and copious – come in various colors, sizes and shapes: frayed, painted, laser treated, lacquered, rubberized, ostrich, rooster and pheasant.

The embroidery: from works pierced with intertwined woven ribbons with a tricot effect to the jais work and use of crystals that gives transparency and a watery and crystalline effect on lingerie and couture t-shirts.

The looks are completed with mini belt bags for the arm and waist with applied feathers; black python and platinum crocodile bracelets and chokers with gold leaf. Inspired by a fantasy world the soundtrack finds its moment of glory in Danny Elfman’s Alice.

Author: Maria Zota 


Antonio Grimaldi – Spring Summer 2020 Couture Collection by Maria Zota


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