Antonio Grimaldi “I’m No Angel”- This is the “Motto” of Grimaldi Fall/Winter Couture Collection 2019/2020

Italian haute couture designer Antonio Grimaldi presented  his collection for F/W 2019-2010.

He is  special invited member in the official haute calendar of Couture Parisienne.

In Hotel The Westin Paris – Vendôme 3 rue Castiglione, Paris 1er
Salon Impérial he presented his fashion artworks.

Such an incredible location; The Westin Paris Vendôme, situated in central Paris, overlooks the Jardin des Tuileries and the Eiffel Tower.

“When I’m good I’m very good, but when I’m bad I’m better”.

In this sentence, there is the main concept of the new FW 2019/2020 collection by Antonio Grimaldi, that takes its idea from Mae West and his irreverent character in the film “I’m no Angel” (1933), which saw her as a screenwriter and starring with Cary Grant.

Therefore Antonio Grimaldi builds a high fashion collection that takes inspiration from Mae herself and from black and white films.

In these terms, the color palette takes up, first and foremost, the black and white of the old cinematographic films with all the nuances found there: from sand gray to anthracite gray to pinkish gray. In contrast with surrealistic colors: red, purple, pink.

The last ones are those “Bad” colors and nuances that find expression in dresses characterized by asymmetrical architectural forms, characterized by lines and curves that chase each other.

In addition to crepe cady – a classic of the maison – different fabrics alternate and overlap such as velvet, chiffon, duchesse, gazar and tafta.

Leitmotiv of the collection: the bias cuts that, like ribbons of giant fabric stuck together, shape themselves on the body, as the tradition of high fashion requires.

To embellish the garments, the embroideries, modern and never romantic. Champagne-colored peacock feathers emphasize the lightness of the garments. Complete the look of modern Mae West, the bespoke jewelery by the French jeweler Bernard Delettrez.

I can say that, for sure, the stylistic value of Antonio Grimaldi is enclosed in the magic of craftsmanship and innovative manufacturing together.

Italian designer Antonio Grimaldi’s collection was unique and breathtaking

Thanks to the collaboration with the Neapolitan company “Principe dell’Eleganza”, the masculine looks are inspired by a contemporary Cary Grant and following  the rules of the best Neapolitan tailoring, whose silhouette is given by soft lines that follow the body, sinuous shoulders and round and curved pockets.

Author: Sarah Duque Lovisoni

NTA Talent Agency



Snapchat: Sduquelovisoni


Antonio Grimaldi “I’m No Angel”- This is the “Motto” of Grimaldi Fall/Winter Couture Collection 2019/2020 by Sarah Duque Lovisoni

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