Amazing Success in Beirut for Manal Ajaj’s Jasmine Goddess Collection by Maria Zota

A crowd of photographers, journalists and television were so exited for Manal Collection, their interviews and photographs  last for more than 2 hours!

Two international beauty misses, Miss Ukraine, Anastasia Lenna and Miss Turkey, Diana Osypenko, participated at the fashion show.


The two beauties wore Manal’s dresses on the catwalk, and they made it perfect!

Several important personalities have also participated at the event, such as actors and actresses, like:
Ms. Fadia Khatab
Ms. Mirna Shalfoun
Ms. Rawaa Yassine
Ms. Nadine Kadour
The actor :Mr Ayman Abdelsalam.

There were also many famous singers from Middle East, all enthusiastic about the creative and unique designer Manal Ajaj.

Long dresses embroidered and embellished with geometric designs were falling on the models body , making the collection special and marvellous.

Manal has shown to be very attentive to the history and culture of her land , Syria, opening the show with images and lyrics that talked about several important women who made Syrian history.

That was magical.

And brilliant was the idea  to get the public applause and appreciation with 15 models in military uniform: many women in the public really appreciated that.

What else can we say?
Jasmine Goddess Collection represents the typical strong and passionate Syrian woman that loves her country and that has a lot of values like courage and strength.

What can we say about this amazing designer?

Born in Damascus, the city of Jasmines, Manal was affected by her culture and deeply loved its art and heritage.

Her passion for the city of Jasmines is clearly visible in her designs and exhibitions.

She says “My designs clearly view my aims at clarifying my country’s current position through a return to the past and present pulse of building a better future.​​
I found the inspiration on creating my collections from the sun shining on an old stone. I feel that every day the sun shines a hope of ongoing life is born. In other hand old stones reminds me of the past. My collection has a relation between the past and the future.”

The event was fantastic thanks to the perfect organization of Mr. Abdelmenhem Amayri , the show director and thanks also to the support of the chief operator officer (Coo) Mahmoud Dakroub who make this event unique and very special.

Author: Maria Zota 


Amazing Success in Beirut for Manal Ajaj’s Jasmine Goddess Collection by Maria Zota


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