Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show

SUCH is the effect of social media that it got Alberta Ferretti wondering what the equivalent of a selfie would have been way back when. She found her answer in portraits from the Renaissance – because they depicted strong women with character and personality. And so this became her starting point – a wander through history but with a streak of modernity in there too.

So dresses – lots of them – were all very pretty and historic, riffing on that folksy princess Valentino vibe, ruffles and frills and flouncy collars. The girls walked out from a projected sun-risen forest, the same vermillion and rich shades stretching out onto their gowns, embroidery and embellishment undoubtedly opulent though Ferretti herself would put emphasis on the material’s exclusivity and technicality over anything else.

There were Guy Fawkes girls in black velvet jackets and regal ruby decoration; there were shapely sheer sleeves on blouses beneath demure pinafores and there were cosy Red Riding Hood capes to further emphasise that fairytale point.

“For me, it’s important to dream. If you dream it, it will happen,” reasoned Ferretti backstage.

Alberta Ferretti Fall/Winter 2016 Fashion Show


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